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This book does not try to propose a reform of the capitalist economic order, with the goal to make life in the money dominated world somewhat bearable. The capitalistic system is founded on presuppositions which are not reformable. Instead, capitalism needs to be totally replaced by a different, better system. For this purpose we must completely supersede the foundations of today’s politics and economy through new principles which better reflect human nature. The rule of money over the world must be broken and replaced by the dominion of humankind. Every person is called to accomplish the inevitable transformation within themselves first.

Communism appeared with the claim to redeem society and economy from the unjust and damaging system of capitalism but failed abominably. This is mainly because Marxism-Leninism is based on a wrong concept of the human being and has not questioned the deeper lying paradigms of the society and economic order. So communism became only a diametrical opposite twin of capitalism. But what we need today is a societal and economic model which is beyond capitalism and communism and based on a higher level.

Communism has failed; capitalism is crumbling as ever broader circles of society become aware of its ugly face; but what comes after capitalism?